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For all customers wishing to use Peoria Don Baker Disc Jockey Service, there are two different forms, one of which you need to fill out. One is for Weddings and the other is for Non-Wedding Events. This form needs to be filled out and returned to me, via email or mail, ASAP. You must download the file to your computer and then open it to print it. To do this follow the steps listed below. Thank You!

  1. Click Hyperlink
  2. Click Save button
  3. Save to your desktop as DJCover Letter.doc
  4. Go to Desktop find document as you saved it
  5. Click it to open in Microsoft Word
  6. Print off a copy

For our customers having a Wedding please click the following link to get the cover letter.

Cover Letter for Weddings

For our customers having a Non-wedding event please click the following link to get the cover letter

Cover Letter for Non-Wedding Events

For all of my customers you must fill out the following contract and return it to me. You must agree to this contract in order for me to provide my services.